Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nearly Four Months Later...

Hello Long Lost Friends!! I have been MIA for much toooooo long! I wish I could say I haven't been blogging because I won a trip to Europe and have been gone for 3 1/2 months. Or that I was FINALLY discovered and have been off on an exotic location, playing my Academy Award-winning part in the movie of my dreams! Unfortunately, I can only blame my disappearance on having my priorities somewhere else...something we all must do from time to time.

Here's a "quickie" update -

1. Church, kids, grand kids, husband...enough said.

2. Photography - I was recently invited to do a display at the Lake Dardanelle State Park Visitor's Center, sponsored by the Arkansas River Valley Arts Center. My display was up during the month of April. Much time was spent in deciding which eleven photos to use, having them enlarged, matted, etc. Five of them are now on display through May, at the Russellville Library.

3. I have joined the site - where I enjoy VERY much sharing photos, receiving critique, and learning from other photographers. Being an amateur, I have much to learn and that requires much practice! I'll save some samples of my "practicing" for another post.

Right now, I just want to wish all of you a very Happy Mother's Day! I was talking, well...actually texting one friend and emailing another when I came to the realization that while Mother's day is supposed to be a day of celebrating and honoring mothers, it can actually be a day of sadness and mixed feelings for many. Some of us have lost our mothers. Some of you are still waiting to become mothers. Some of you had a terrible mother. Some of you have lost a child. Whatever your situation, God knows your name. He knows your every need. On this Mother's Day, I ask that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy will give each beautiful, wonderful woman out there a day of sweet memories, a reminder of blessings...even in the difficulties, and a day of love with your families and with your Father, who loves you more than you can possibly imagine.

In closing, I would like to share a post from last year. I miss and love my mom so much!