Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Prodigal Blogger

Wow, I've been away far too long. My last entry on this blog was February 22, 2012, my Mother's birthday. (well, not the 2012 part) hehe 

So, here I am. I have returned. Let's celebrate! Go kill the fatted calf! How can I possibly catch up, in a timely manner, on the last...oh my goodness, I just looked at the calendar and not even realzing it, today is also the 22nd...not of February, but of January, just one month short of 3 years later! That is CRAZY. (insert Twilight Zone music) 

I think I'll just give a quick summary of the missing years. Besides, according to the Bible, you are supposed to be glad to see me and not hold the missing time against me, right? So, let's catch up!  

1.  I still love cows and sunsets. (upside down cows?)

2.  My beautiful, goofy kidlets are growing so fast!

3. Matt graduated with a Ph.D. from Southwestern Baptist 
Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. 

4.  I am obsessed with tadpoles and frogs.

5.  I am a woman of many characters. Meet Velma.

6.  I enjoy cold, gloomy days...
and trees with only one leaf.

7.  I know that God keeps His promises!

8.  Watching storms move in from 
the back porch is my favorite.

9.  Reflecting is good for the soul. 

10.  I sometimes stalk butterflies.

11.  I have to watch my tongue around here. 
never know who might be listening.

12.  I have smelled the rain.

13.  Every 5 weeks I have to wash that 
gray right out of my hair. As I age, I
am getting shorter and more square.

14.  I like to sneak up on snakes.

15.  Rescuing critters from the pool is a daily activity!

16.  I raise tadpoles and provide them 
with tiny turtle taxis.

17.  I love to photograph flowers!

18.  Family vacations are the best!

19.  Still in love after all these years!

20.  I'm guilty of a warped sense of humor. (don't deny that you 
see the humor in this cow scratching her booty on the fence) 

21.  I laugh at potty humor...but I swear, when I took this photo, I did
 NOT see the "potty break" going on above Little White's head.

22.  Home is where my heart is. *sigh*

23.  Buddy finally got his license!

24.  Being an alien is really fun! 

25.  I am a Christ follower and I pray that my 
light will always shine for Him!

Until next time! And let's hope it's not three years from now...