Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today our hearts are sad and we are mortified at the thought of yesterday's incident. My younger brother and his family live in Northwest Arkansas. Yesterday afternoon my sister-in-law, Debbie, took Teddy and Bear, their two Yorkies, out to potty. Out of nowhere a huge black dog came into the yard and attacked poor little Teddy. Sadly, he didn't survive the attack.

Needless to say, they are having a hard time with this, especially Debbie, who witnessed the attack and tried to comfort little Teddy as she rushed him to the vet. Plus, it was only a few months ago that they lost Max, their beloved Yorkie of many years. Even though Teddy had only been with them a few months, he had already won their hearts and was deeply loved. Bear is lost without him...and so are they.

We are hurting with them... I know they would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Have you ever been through seasons of life when you wondered why God was allowing so much hurt and struggles to come your way? Where it seems that every time you come up for air, you get slammed back under time and time again? I know I have. I'm sure you have too. And if not...just wait, because your time is coming.

These trials test our faith - sometimes to the limit - but we MUST hang on and believe that better days are on the way! It is so hard to trust God through those times! All I know is this - God is there, even when you can't seem to find Him...even when you question what He is doing or not doing...even when you are angry with Him. He is there. I recently received an email with this illustration. I think it pretty well sums it up.
Just remember, God is always there. We may not "feel" it, but He is...always standing in the gap on our behalf.
May God wrap His loving arms around you and hold you close, filling your heart with peace in knowing that He will always be there for you.

Love, Hugs and Prayers to my brother, Craig, and his family!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moving On Up!!

It seems our little small town USA is moving up in the world! First Susan "Boil" and Lucille Ball showed up for a surprise performance at a local church event! And then, Sarah Palin was here Saturday night to deliver a short speech for the "That's Entertainment" fundraiser event for the high school. Any more celebrities interested in coming to little ole small town Arkansas???

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Will The "Real Susan" Please Stand Up?

Kind of scary isn't it? Yes, I "channeled" Susan Boyle to perform for FBC's Got Talent this past Sunday. Every year following our Lottie Moon Offering Campaign, our Women on Mission, affectionately known as WOM, serves a fabulous "appreciation" meal after the morning church service, and our very talented Music Minister, Tim Patton, affectionately known as...Tim Patton, puts together a Variety Show for entertainment. For some strange reason he always asks me to do something stupid - and for some strange reason I always say, "Sure!" So, meet -

Susan Boil!
Sarah is usually asked to participate in the "festivities" as well. (The apple obviously doesn't fall far from the tree.) Remember the "Vitameatavegamin" episode? Well -
Here's Lucy!

I am so grateful for a God who has a sense of humor and loves to see HIS children laughing and having a good time! We should do it more often. Laughter is so healing and good for the soul! Yes...even in church!

I pray you will take the time to laugh a little every day - especially at yourself!

*Remember: A smile is just a frown turned upside down!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Finally Posting Again!

I am SOOOO behind on posting, so this post is going to be a "storyboard" of Christmas pictures!

Christmas Program 2009 - "Ella", a "biblical" comedy of Cinderella...

Ella's Angel #3 and Drizella

Angel #3 and a Wiseman's Servant (in our best "pouty/sexy" pose)Two Peas in a PodElla's Angels aka "Charlie's" AngelsAn Angel with Hunky Prince Eduardo!The Cast

Now we're off to Hot Springs for Christmas with Rick's Side of the Family....

Christmas With Leon and Betty in Hot Springs

I almost always take family pictures while there, but somehow I missed being the photography queen this year.

Sarah and Stuart Betty's Pretty Decor
We Three Queens... Matt and Parker at the FountainSanni and Parker at the FountainSanni Sports Natalie's Tutu

Back home for the Pledger (my family) Christmas....

Getting Ready for Christmas With My FamilyChristmas Potluck Craig and Debbie - Won't Anyone Sit With You?Darren, Bladen, and Kate Ready for Santa Time Craig and Harold Display Their Wa-Hoo Boards
We used to play this game with the parentals when we were kids. I had boards made for the three of us - much sentimental value here! Thanks Mr. Miller for making them! Craig Taking a Picture of Me Taking a Picture Family Santa Time!You Don't Want to Know...(my family is a little weird) Getting a Better View

Aaahhh - a little down time before Christmas with just us....

Mr. Cowboy's Feminine SideLet's Make A Gingerbread House!Isn't it Pretty?
Miss Holiday Spirit Models Her "NLCV" Moose Mug Ready or Not, Here We Come!Santa Came!Hooray For Santa!
ArielMiss Flamingo Matt Loves His Cheerios!

* Side Note: I like to make Christmas "interesting", so I use weird boxes to wrap things in, and put odd objects in the boxes to "throw them off" when they shake the package. I also like to mess with the labeling of To: and From: - For instance, a DVD might be wrapped in a picture frame box, have a used DVD in it, but have $100.00 in the DVD case and be from "Ben". Thus Matt and his Cherrios. However, Natalie was NOT impressed when she opened a present and found a Cheerio box. It's captured on Matt's video, but I didn't get a photo of if. The look on her face was PRICELESS! She said, (in her most disappointed voice ever, accompanied by a very sad face) "Cheerios! But...but, I didn't ask for Cheerios." I love those moments!!!!

Parker is Just Happy Playing With the DogsResting!After Christmas Chill Time Scrappy Escaping the Christmas ChaosToo Much Christmas for Sarah and the Doggies!Our Traditional Christmas Photo at ChurchStill There

Well, I thought I had worked it off that week, but I see it's still there. And a good time was had by all!