Monday, November 2, 2009

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

We (Sarah and I) have a tradition around here...dressing the dogs for Halloween. Do we take them anywhere? No. Do we have Trick or Treaters coming to my house? No. (we live on a ranch 10 miles outside of town) So, why would we dress our dogs up for Halloween? Because they're just so darn cute and we can take pictures of them!!! Well, ok...we take pictures of them all the time anyway, but this is just special fun.

Laugh and make fun if you must. But, at least admit that they really are cute!

I marvel at how attached to our pets we become. I grew up always having a outside dog. When Rick and I married, (back in Kindergarten - I covered that in one of my first posts) he set his foot down and said, "No inside pets...ever." True to his word, we've had many outside dogs, but never an "insider". Matt and Sarah grew up with several outdoor Golden Retrievers -Einstein, Edison, Buffy and Spike. They were wonderful, loving dogs. Spike is the only one still alive and he has gone to live with my dear friend Karla. After Buffy died, Rick and I didn't spend the time with Spike that he deserved and he was terribly lonely. So God sent my dear friend Karla and her husband Charlie, to adopt him, where he roams their farm with other dogs. Now he has friends to play with! I still get to see him and he is a very happy boy!

Back when Sarah was in college and decided to move out on her own, we/she thought it would be a good idea to get her a dog for companionship...easing her into the "living alone" phase. So, along came an adorable little Yorkie named Spanky. Rick was pretty adamant that Spanky would spend little time inside our house. After all, he was Sarah's dog, not ours. Little did we know, he would steal our hearts and we would soon become Grandma and Grandpa to Spanky. (not even my "real" grandchildren can get away with names for me that even refer to an "old" person)

After Sarah and Stuart got married and prepared to move to Northwest Arkansas, Rick discovered he was REALLY going to miss Spanky. He even teasingly offered to buy Sarah a new dog if she would give us Spanky. Yes, this is the man who would NEVER have an inside pet. And thus...this is how we ended up with a Yorkie of our own, Buddy. It is also how Sarah and Stuart ended up with Scrappy. Moving to NW Arkansas far away from Grandma and Grandpa would be traumatizing enough for Spanky, so he HAD to have a friend to ease the pain! (Scrappy and Buddy are half-brothers) So, now you know the story of why we have 3 Yorkies running around inside all the time.

The Pirate, The Monster and Chiquita Banana
Again? Scrappy and Spanky




Windy Day BuddyBuddy and Me (lovin' the boots)Pretty Spanky

Spanky and Sarah


  1. Ohhh, loving me some doggies! I will use some of these pictures on my blog so don't get mad at me!

  2. No worries. You're the only one who sees mine anyway! haha


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