Sunday, March 7, 2010


What??? No response or comments on the Naomi Carroll event? You are going to be so mad at yourself when you see what a blessing this weekend is going to be. I am so passionate about this - God is going to show up! Maybe that's what you're worried about? Pa-shaw! He'll find you. You can't hide forever. Hope you'll change your mind! At least "man up" and either respond with "leave me alone" or "I'll be there!!!!" :-)

Yeah, I know many of you live too far away, but if you are interested, Naomi will be doing "Home Sweet Home" tours from March through August, I think. This is where she will come to your home or an "intimate" venue for 50 or so people. She will tell stories, give testimony and share her music with your own little intimate group. All she asks for is a place to stay, $10.00 per person and travel expenses. I'm telling you...check into it! You will NOT be disappointed!

For more info, check her website or message her on facebook. Tell her Sandra Millsap sent you! She knows I'm her biggest fan! :-)


  1. I would LOVE to come....but the commute's a bit far. Hope you have a wonderful time...I love spending time with the girls seeking God...and yes, thankfully He shows up in ways that always amaze. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Sandra, this is "Paxton" under my new sign on. The new blog is underway and the address is on the old one. I had not heard of Naomi Carrol before you mentioning her. This is probably because she may not be as well known here in Australia. I always love to hear new music so I am sorry to not be able to see her, but as the previous person said the commute is a bit far lol. I should you tube her though so I can hear her music. Jo xoxoxo


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