Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Journey of a Tadpole

As I've mentioned before, I love to raise tadpoles! The transformation from tad to frog fascinates me and is very fun to watch. Last October I found some tads, which was strange to me because I usually find them in the Spring. I had watched for them all summer with no success, then VOILA...October Tadfest!

Sarah helped me gather a bucketful and I took them home to begin their journey to adulthood. I have no idea how long they had been in the little stream where I found them, but they were about the size of my pinkie fingernail...some smaller.

I've done this whole project before, with the transformation taking about 6-8 weeks and producing the tiniest little frogs you can imagine...I'm talking itty bitty. When December rolled around and the freezing weather hit, you can imagine my dismay and confusion that my tads were still...tads, just bigger. Since I had been keeping them in an aquarium on the back porch, my first thought was - I will have to bring them inside. The hubby put the halt on that right away! He thinks I'm ridiculous anyway, and bringing critters in the house is not on his list of fun things to do. So, I continued to watch over them, feed them, change their water, break the ice on the surface of the water, wrap their tank with a blanket - fearing all the while that they would freeze their little tails off.

I decided to Google tadpoles and see if I could figure out why they weren't changing into frogs yet. Much to my surprise, I found out they were North American Bull Frogs, which can take over a year to transform. Geez! I hadn't really planned on caring for tadpoles that long, but I wasn't going to let the little things die either. I am, in my ninth month of tad care.

But, sayeth the angel, "Behold, I bring good tidings of great joy. For unto you, froggies will emerge and you shall set them free."

Today I set three of my wee ones free into the big world. There are two more almost ready for release and all of them now have legs. I began with 21, had 3 casualties along the way, so I am now the proud mother of 17 froglets!

Need I say that I am releasing them far away from the house? Can you imagine the "music" 17 bull frogs would make??? Thus Rick's orders to take them far away!

I have far too many pictures to put on here, but you can view my Tadpole Album on Facebook at the link below if you are just dying to see the transformation in a little more detail. (I know all 4 of you are just sitting on the edge of your seats) Ha Ha!

Gathering of the TadsTiny Tads in The Tad HiltonGrowing!
I Have Back Legs! I Have Front Legs Overnight!
I'm Looking Like a Frog
I Am a Frog!
Huey, Duey and Luey Go Off to College

Once again, God's world never ceases to amaze me! Oh, that everyone could take such pleasure in the "simpler" things of spending nine months raising tadpoles!! ;-)

Here is the FB link if you're interested:

Enjoy...I know I have!


  1. Wow! I used to keep tiny frogs on our deck at mom's when I was pre-teenish!

  2. Well, I've always said I was a 25 yr old stuck in an old body!

  3. Aw very cute! I loved this post. And congrats on the birth of Sawyer too.


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