Friday, October 1, 2010

♥Sneak Peek♥

I just couldn't resist putting a few of Ayla's recent 3 month pictures up. Michelle Fowler does a super job!

I cannot believe that little Ayla is already 3 months old! Just like I can't believe Natalie is in Kindergarten, Parker is 3, and Sawyer is 4 months old! (their pictures coming soon)

Really, how much better does it get than to have a great husband, 2 wonderful kids and 4 precious kidlets???


Honkin' Headpiece all makes sense now. This is looking familiar!

Fall Tutu

Hey! Whatcha lookin' at?

The pictures below hold very dear sentimental value for me. After my mother passed away, I had to do the "unthinkable" task of going through every box, drawer, cabinet, closet, etc., that one must do when they lose a loved one. It was such a bittersweet time...shedding lots of tears with some laughter mixed in - like when I went through her kitchen and found recipes stuck everywhere, written on anything and everything from paper napkins to pieces of junk mail. (and yes, I kept every single one, oh yes I did) One day as I was going through her bedroom, I tackled the cedar chest at the foot of her bed. It was a treasure trove of wonderful memories and heirlooms. In one box I found several items from my "babyhood". The crocheted/knitted (?) w/embroidery accents, blanket below was mine. (that was a mouthful) I'm guessing it was made by my mother or her mother. It had rust stains all over it, and some of the stitching had come loose, but I worked my Oxy-Clean magic on it, mended it, and tucked it away, as we anxiously anticipated a successful IVF in the future for Sarah and Stuart! VOILA!

Ayla and Her Rose

The baby quilt in the pictures below is another treasure I found - sewn by my paternal grandmother. She also made me an identical full-sized quilt, which I still have! How special to have this piece of my Daddy's mother to pass down. I couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed when I saw these pictures, thinking about how much Mother and Daddy would have loved Ayla and how excited they would be to see her using these treasures from long ago.

I'm Just Too Stinkin' Cute!

...and Maybe Just a Little Hornery

What a blessing!




for my precious family!

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  1. I love the old blanket and quilt. I have a quilt similar to that. I am not sure who made them. Mamaw had a lady make a baby afghan for me from her before she died. Neat-o! Oh, and I love the baby in the photos too. She is adorable.


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