Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Slacker

(Hand slap) I have been such a "blog slacker" these past few weeks...and probably will be in the weeks to come with the holidays upon us! Already my head is spinning (not in an Exorcist kind of way) from the thought of so many activities and things to do before Thanksgiving and Christmas! So, once again I will let pictures fill in the gaps.

The last time I posted, I shared Ayla's 3 month photo shoot. Below you will find my other three kidlets' latest photos. Natalie is 5, Parker is 3 and Sawyer is almost 6 months old. I must say, I believe all four of my grands are just beautiful!

NatalieParker - a little stinker?

And then there was Halloween - we had our annual Fall Festival at church. This year's theme was Characters from the 70's, which was great fun! We had a great variety of characters and a great turn out! Wish I had room for all the pics!

Here is a sample:

Little Miss Ayla's flower costume...though not a "Flower Child".

Buddy and I have been on a few adventures in the past couple of weeks...looking for pretty Fall colors. It's been so dry here, we have mostly browns. :-( But we have still found plenty of fun things to photograph. It's nice just to be out in the nice cool weather.

Mr. Photogenic

Every year as the grass begins to turn after the frost, it transforms the yard into this intricate maze of unusual patterns. It's a very unique sight, especially from the upstairs balcony where you can view the entire yard. This is a close-up of our grass art. Pretty isn't it? In another week all of the green will be gone and the yard will become a brown, brittle minefield of annoying bits and pieces...that get stuck in Buddy's hair...especially when he decides to roll around in it...which is quite often...then it takes forever to pick it out...sometimes requiring a bath...which in the winter can dry out his skin...making him itch really badly...blah, blah, blah.
Grass Art

It finally rained last week - less than 1/2 inch, but at least the earth got a nice refreshing drink! Every little bit certainly helps. We only need about 14 more inches to fill the ponds and streams back to normal.

Just After the Rain

Looking Through the Droplets

Today's ride-about resulted in finding this! It looks like there is a little color in them thar hills after all!

A Touch of Red

There you have it - you are now up to date. Oh, I have more, but these are the high points and you really don't want to hear about the low ones do you?

Until next time - have a blessed Fall and start working on your list of things that you are thankful for! I know I will.

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