Sunday, August 9, 2009

Identity Crisis

Last night at 11:30 p.m., during a very exciting adventure, I found myself pondering a very deep question. Who am I?

We're going to play a little game here. I'm going to post a picture and you're going to think the first thing that pops into your head. Now this won't be effective unless you promise to be honest. I will do the same. I will share my thoughts with you following each picture. You, however, don't have to share your thoughts. In fact, please don't. You realize this could go on forever and ever, so I will try to limit myself to 6 pictures. I think I can make my point with that number. we go:

Do you see a nice lady? Do you see a pretty lady?
A prideful lady? A lady at all?


Do you see a classy woman? A slightly overweight woman? A happy woman?


A mother and her baby? (you better say yes) A grandmother and her grandchild? (no way!)


A scary woman? A funny woman? A crazy woman? A weirdo?


A fisherwoman? A hot red-neck woman? A woman of high fashion?


What have we here? A great armadillo hunter? A buff mother? No make-up????

You see, when we look at someone we all see different things, have different perspectives, different perceptions, different opinions. What you really see in these photos is just a tiny glimpse of who I am. There are many me's. I am constantly changing...evolving into different people. You are too.

Basically how I see myself is like this - I can clean up pretty well. I can put on "the charm" when I need to. I can be classy when called for...kind of. I can behave most of the time. I can dress up and give the appearance of sophistication...

But at 11:30 last night the "real me" was out hunting down an armadillo and looking for snakes. Yes, that is my idea of fun! After spotting the armadillo during Buddy's bedtime potty break, I retrieved my hubby, who retrieved his gun, and we took down that armadillo! It just seemed natural to have to go check it out, so we took the mule (not an animal, a farm vehicle) to find our prize. While we were out, I suggested we ride on down to the pond and see if any of the gazillion snakes I've seen out here were out and about. VOILA! We spotted 4 and BLAM...they were fish bait. Oh yes...the redneck girl came out last night! How much better does it get than to be out in the moonlight with your honey, blasting destructive and dangerous critters around your property? If that ain't romance, I don't know what is!

Have an exciting week!

Redneck Me


  1. Hi Sandra I recently started following your blog and I just have to say this post was awesome. Very good point made, thankyou for making it :)



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