Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Honor of Angel

Today one of my best friends lost her beloved 14 yr. old lab, Angel. In honor of Angel, I am posting this 'little dittie' I wrote at least 10 yrs. ago about my own beloved Buffy, who has since gone to Doggie Heaven. (yes, I know some of you die-hard doctrinal folks out there don't believe our pets will be there) I know all too well, the sorrow of losing a longtime pet. Buffy was one (of 4) of our golden retrievers, who was one of the sweetest, best natured dogs we've ever had. Her favorite pastime was floating on a raft in the pool...I kid you not. We would shave our goldens every summer and we had to keep sunscreen on her back because she would get on the raft by herself and float for hours.

Buffy on her Raft great memories with our pets and to great sorrow for my friend Karla - hope this brings a smile to your face!


Just Another Day at the Millsap House

I just had the most disgusting thing happen...thought I'd share it with you. I went outside to get some clothes off the line, well actually the fence, but that just paints too much of a “hillbilly” type picture, but anyway here comes Buffy, my 140 pound Golden Retriever with something hanging out of her mouth. It seems she caught a rabbit...maybe a month ago, buried it, and decided today was the day to dig it up! It was sooooo stinky, icky, and had slime, and yuk hanging out of it. Well, being the Buff Mother that I am, I put on my rubber gloves, and the chase was on. I chased her down and managed to wrangle it away from her and tried to hurl it over the fence - only to have it fall short as it slammed into the fence and burst open, producing more…..yuk and such. (Am I grossing you out yet?) So yes, she grabbed it and the game began once again. (are you picturing this as it plays out?) I chased her down again and flung it with all my might, this time successfully slinging the yuk everywhere, but at least the slimy rabbit was gone.

*VISUAL - me running all over the back yard, yelling for Buffy to STOP, finally catching up to her, grabbing the rabbit, holding this nasty, disgusting, rotted rabbit as far away from my body as possible, 140 lbs. of Buffy jumping all over me trying to get it, me screaming at the top of my lungs (saying things a woman ought not to say), my face distorted, contorted, and red due to the smell and general disgustingness (is that a word?) of the whole situation, and madder than all get get the picture? Nothing landed on me, thank goodness, but I was pretty grossed out nonetheless and quite ticked off at my dog. Now I had to bathe her, wash her mouth out with what...Clorox? And try to get rid of any rabbit remnants that were still resting on this side of the fence!

I looked into the face of my naughty dog and see her big brown eyes just looking at me, so pitiful and sad. Poor thing, she was so proud of herself and I robbed her of her joy. Why is it that our doggies can do that to us? They can do the worst things, then end up making us feel sorry for them! Gotta love ‘em!

Now, tell me…am I buff or what? How many females would have touched the slimy thing to start with?

Well, have a nice day.

Buff Mother


  1. one day soon I am going to post my good-bye to our 17 year old cocker spaniel six months of the hardest days in my entire life....thanks for sharing


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