Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moving On Up!!

It seems our little small town USA is moving up in the world! First Susan "Boil" and Lucille Ball showed up for a surprise performance at a local church event! And then, Sarah Palin was here Saturday night to deliver a short speech for the "That's Entertainment" fundraiser event for the high school. Any more celebrities interested in coming to little ole small town Arkansas???


  1. I'm telling do look like Sarah Palin! It's a little weird! Ha ha

  2. What's even "weirder" - I looked like Susan Boyle too...and Ruth Buzzi...and Michael Jackson! What's up with that??? Am I an alien? A shape shifter? A Body Snatcher?

    *cue the Twilight Zone music*

    Oh...and lest we forget Marilyn Monroe?


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