Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Will The "Real Susan" Please Stand Up?

Kind of scary isn't it? Yes, I "channeled" Susan Boyle to perform for FBC's Got Talent this past Sunday. Every year following our Lottie Moon Offering Campaign, our Women on Mission, affectionately known as WOM, serves a fabulous "appreciation" meal after the morning church service, and our very talented Music Minister, Tim Patton, affectionately known as...Tim Patton, puts together a Variety Show for entertainment. For some strange reason he always asks me to do something stupid - and for some strange reason I always say, "Sure!" So, meet -

Susan Boil!
Sarah is usually asked to participate in the "festivities" as well. (The apple obviously doesn't fall far from the tree.) Remember the "Vitameatavegamin" episode? Well -
Here's Lucy!

I am so grateful for a God who has a sense of humor and loves to see HIS children laughing and having a good time! We should do it more often. Laughter is so healing and good for the soul! Yes...even in church!

I pray you will take the time to laugh a little every day - especially at yourself!

*Remember: A smile is just a frown turned upside down!


  1. Love the pictures! I can't tell the difference between you and Susan Boyle! Ha ha!! And yes you are right, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!


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