Friday, February 12, 2010

There's a Great White Light in the Sky!!!

Alas! We have had snow and more snow these past 2 weeks, but today it is finally beginning to melt. *NEWFLASH* The sun is shining today!!! Hope you enjoy a few more of my snow pictures from this past week.

Buddy and I Like the SnowCheese!Buddy Sits in a Tree
Buddy Makes a Snow Angel
Muddy Mess is Getting Worse!Just Pretty Snow
Frozen Frog Pond (B/W)
Frozen Frog Pond (color)
Uh...We Won't Discuss This One
*Lesson Learned - 54 yr. old women should act their age! All is well, no broken bones...just a few bruises. Spins and going airborne are great fun, but not recommended.

Geese Headed For a Swim
Snowy SunsetAnimal Watering HoleThrough the WindowSnowy LandscapeFront Yard View
Hope you all have a blessed week!

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