Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me

Thought you might enjoy this little adventure I had a few days ago...just a typical day for me. I am so NOT a "girlie-girl." I clean up real good when I have to, but I much prefer to throw on my jeans, sweatshirt, and muck boots and go out and play with the critters, plants and my camera! Welcome to a day in the life of me! I have christened this day - "The Rescue"

Poor BabyThe Good Samaritans (me and Judy)
Operation Sticky Board
Almost ThereOops...I'm Stuck to Myself
Letting Our Friend Go
Free at Last!

If you are not familiar with "sticky boards," they are called that for a reason. Once the critter (mouse, snake, frog, bird) gets stuck, it is not coming off! Personally, I think it is a cruel method of pest control, thus - unless it is disgusting or dangerous, I'm going to try to get it loose. *Let's not share that with the hubs.* He still doesn't know that I do this in my spare know, free critters he is trying to dispose of. ;-)

Anyhoo, as we cut the snake away from the "sticky", anything that came in contact with the snake stuck to it, which is why I put dirt on it, so it could slither without sticking to itself, ending up just like it started. Watching it as it tried to navigate, picking up dirt, bark, and sticks, along the way painted a pretty funny picture in my head. * Visual * - snowball rolling downhill.

Weeks from now when I freak out over some strange looking giant glob slinking around my flowerbed...please remind me that I asked for it. And all God's creatures said, "Amen."


  1. Hahaha I was going to say "wow" too! Thats amazing. I don't think I would have been able to be that close to a snake. You are one brave woman


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