Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My How Time Flies

I just returned from a Women of Joy Conference in Branson, MO. What an awesome time of good fellowship, good food, good speakers, good concert, bad storm, bad seating, pretty rainbow, good shopping and great worship! Sarah decided to stay home, which at this point in her pregnancy was probably a good idea...long drive, lots of walking, sitting, and climbing stairs. We missed her. This weekend was the beginning of many busy weekends to come!

Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I seem to recall hearing that life slows down when your kids become adults and you enter the "empty nest" period of your life. What alien came up with that idea???? I have found that life gets crazier and busier every day...not in a bad way, but all of that time I was supposed to be having is now filled with other busy things. I love to be busy, but I also love to be still. There is a balance in there somewhere-I just have to find it.

I have discovered a big secret. The Golden Years is a myth. So far I haven't found anything "golden" about gravity tugging at my face and boobs, dealing with the illnesses and loss of both my parents, practicing preventative medicine (colonoscopies, mammograms and such), thinning hair, leaky bladder, surprise "snoots" (as Natalie calls them) and creaky joints. There's more, but it would be way TMI...more than I've already disclosed...more than you already wanted to know. Just want you younger gals to know what's ahead for you. You can thank me later. Honesty is always the best policy, right?

There is however, one big joy that comes with this stage of life - grandbabies! Natalie and Parker have already been so much fun and brought so much joy to our lives. Very soon Sawyer and Ayla will be here to add to that joy!!! I can't believe Susan's and Sarah's pregnancies have flown by so fast! Not a day has gone by that these precious daughters of mine and their babies haven't been prayed over for safe pregnancies, safe deliveries and perfect, healthy babies! Thank you God in advance for these precious babies we will soon hold in our arms!

May/June/July promises to be a whirlwind of excitement, fun and probably exhaustion. Hubs and I are going to TX this weekend to see Matt, Susan, Natalie and Parker. Next weekend is Sarah's baby shower!! Yay! We (especially Sarah) have waited a long time for this moment and we will soak it in with much gratitude and praise to God for allowing this day to come! Sawyer could come anytime after that, so we will be going back and forth to TX for his birth, bringing Natalie and Parker to Arkansas for a week or so, then taking them back. That brings us to June, which will be a few short weeks away from Ayla's arrival! Whew...I'm already tired! hehe What fun we're going to have! We will be a little anxious until Ayla arrives and Sarah and Ayla are safe and sound. Ayla is measuring big and Sarah's doctor wants her to avoid a C-section if at all possible, due to her previous surgery issues. Looks like Ayla may be induced a little early. So, let's pray for a safe and easy delivery please. Big babies seem to run on all sides of the family. Sorry Sarah. :-)

Never a dull moment! It's always an adventure in the Millsap family! So, your prayers are always welcome!

I leave you with a few recent pictures - reminders that our God is always present...always faithful!

A Big Storm is Brewing in Branson
God's Promise After the Storm
Women of Joy Praising the Lord
God's Beautiful World
More of God's Beautiful World


  1. I think the 3rd trimester pregnancy hormones are getting to me. I cry all the time now. I started reading this post and immediately started crying. Not to mention I watched baby shows on t.v today and cried like a baby when they were delivered etc.
    Busy times are ahead and I can't wait!!! I can't wait to hold Ayla in my arms safe and sound!

  2. Wow you sure have been a busy girl! I love hearing about all your travels and outings to all the exciting places/events you visit. You sure have beautifully named grandchildren too! I bet you are looking forward to the two that are on the way. Best of luck to Sarah for a safe delivery being induced early.


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