Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun in the Midst of Chaos

Well, I've been at it again...taking pictures that is. The last few weeks have been really hectic, but in between the craziness, I have managed to slip out and transform into my favorite character - "Miss Legend in My Own Mind Photographer". Thus, a few of my subjects...

Thunderhead Clouds
Gianormous Spider
Her Egg Sack

One Mean Dude

Bloom After the Rain



Little Monster, Mr. Banana and Blackbeard - Phfft!!
Where's Waldo?

Our Father, which art in heaven
Visitor Outside the Door

Red Beauty Pretty Lily Pot

Froggie Death Grip
Tree Art

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Find time to de-stress!

1 comment:

  1. Great Pictures Mom! I must say that my "Little Monster" and "Mr. Banana" look better than Blackbeard! Ha ha


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