Saturday, September 26, 2009


Have you ever been shopping for nothing in particular only to find the most wonderful bargain ever? I love when that happens!

Recently Rick and I were in a Western Store (his idea) just to look around. He needed a couple of shirts and jeans. I was just killing time. It really was a nice place, with very cute clothes, western decor, name it. So I really didn't mind walking around and browsing while he picked up what he needed. I actually found a cute jacket and a couple of other things to try on. But first, I needed the restroom. You see, I have this quirk about trying on things - they will fit much better if the bladder is empty. Now, tell the truth. You've thought it before haven't you?

"Hmmm...if my bladder is full, I'll be bloated and this won't fit right."

You know you have, so just go ahead and admit it to yourself. I located their restroom and headed that direction before I tried on my items, assured that they would fit much better once I took care of that extra 4 oz. in my body. On my way back to the dressing room, I glanced upward and what to my wandering eyes did appear...but something so awesome, it became very clear!

I went to the counter and asked the clerk if this object of beauty was for sale or just an item for display. She looked at me quizically, and said, "Well, the owner is here. I'll go ask him if he's willing to sell it." I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. Little did they know, I had been looking for one these for a couple of years! And here one was...please, please, please! She returned with the news. YES! I could buy it! Cheap! It was about 13 years old and had collected quite a lot of dust, so I would have to clean it up a bit before I could display it.

Off I ran to find Rick so I could show him this treasure I had discovered. He looked at it, shrugged, and said, "If that's what you want, get it." I don't think I can express how excited I was to learn that this beautiful item would soon be mine. Rick wasn't quite as thrilled as I was.

We finished our shopping, checked out, and drove back home. I couldn't wait to get it home, clean it up and put it in a very special place. The kids were here for the weekend, so I waited until a few days ago to get it out and work on it. It cleaned up beautifully! I now have it displayed with great pride in a very special place.

Don't you love it???

p.s. I'm not sure it will stay there. Rick is not amused. But, he has a "trophy" room. I think I should have mine.

Mr. R.M. Dillo


  1. I love it!!! I only wish it was one that we had killed...but that would be just gross!!!

  2. Sarah, Thanks for being my one and only fan! LOL!!


  4. Interesting...but you knew that. Hmmmm...:P I just watched your dad's birthday slide. I really enjoyed hearing Sarah sing. That was just lovely!


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