Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prayers Please

We have much need for prayer this weekend. Remember my friend a few posts back who lost her dog, Angel? Her brother was killed yesterday in a terrible car accident. Such a shock. I know her family would covet your prayers. Her name is Karla. I just ask that you lift her and her family up as they seek comfort and answers during this difficult time.

Today my mother-in-law lost her father. He had been ill for a long time and we knew this day was coming, but one is never prepared for that loss when it happens. Her name is Betty. Please lift her and her family up as well...they are a close family and this will be a very hard time for them.

The kids and grandkids are all here and things are as crazy as ever. There are many schedule changes to be made and much going on to work around...floods, moving cows to safety, class reunion, Matt preaching this Sunday, Susan singing, me playing the piano...and more, but we trust the Lord to work all of this out for us. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

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